Monday, July 20, 2009


1 month here, 1 month at home, 1 year in Japan!

Summer Dreamin'

Oregon sunshine streams through the window, lighting up my room and reminding me this is the last Summer I plan to spend in Eugene. I applied for a job in my hometown's sister city in Japan, and recently found out I'll be leaving around late September. Tsuruta町 will be a big change, presenting lots of interesting opportunities, and I'll miss lots of people that I love here. I'm excited to be around to enjoy the end of summer, although I do have a few things left to take care of before I go. I'm working on a Finance class online, and have one class not yet started. I was supposed to go to my first meeting of JPN 399: Reading Manga, but class today was canceled, which gave me the impulse to write instead. Lately I've been trying to read more Japanese literature, and read some Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows and some of his short stories, so I'm excited to study manga. It will also be nice to start having a class in person, getting ready for the daily schedule of a job. My thoughts about Japan seem so muddled together, but I've made up my mind a while back that this is what I want to do. I wonder how much my experience at U of O will help me with my duties in Tsuruta, and I'm intrigued by this country creature known as Tsugaru-ben, the local dialect. I hope I will be able to manage a room full of excited children, but I remember how fun teaching about magnets in Science Wizards was. Lots of fun times await me, and I'm off to conquer the day!