Monday, August 10, 2009

some thoughts

Wow, things are coming to a close. My last week of classes begins tomorrow; not even a full week, just 3 days! The week after that I have to move out, Sunday the 23rd! I'll probably move early, I'd like to hang out in Hood River and maybe get some pictures of the landscape to show off in Japan. The weather is starting to get cold, reminding me of the feet of snow that await me. I've been browsing the Web looking for videos and photos of Tsuruta, and I've found a couple cool ones, one of "Yayoi painting" which is more of a mosaic technique involving gluing seeds and beans, and also some cool rice field art from nearby Tsugaru. I am sad to leave all my friends behind, but I plan to keep in touch with all of you, and maybe meet up with some friends who also are planning to go to Japan. I have a house too, if anyone wants to visit!

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