Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There is nothing inherently existent, and there is nothing permanent in this world. Thinking that a thing is permanent is known as the root delusion in Buddhism, for nothing is truly constant, unsupported by conditions, everything in existence is conventionally and inescapably linked by karmic bonds, not inherently, but because there is no way something can exist separately and distinct from the rest. Therefore everything is always changing, flowing from one state to the other, often with indistinct boundaries. When does a seed in the ground stop being a seed and become a "plant"? These designations certainly exist, but only because man, through language, has categorized and attempted to compartmentalize all of existence, in order to make order out of apparent chaos.
And thus, things change in my life. Finally got news about my departure date, my visa is coming in the mail and I start work on the 1st of December, until the 31st of July, maybe 2010, maybe 2011… I really feel ready to go now, and I have a month for final preparations. I really think I won't need to do much though. Let's just say I'm not too attached to Oregon any more.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Nikujaga and rice, Easy!