Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sign at the airport says "Please show me your alien card." I feel like a V.

and other observations about international travel

Old Japanese grandma with a Nintendo DS
Our airplane has Recaro seats. Must make it go faster.
Me gettin completely ignored / passed over when everyone got food on the plane. Not even a drink for Alex.
How much the attendants apologized once they realized what happened.
On our inflight video showing our progress, the map shows Eugene and Baker, but not Portland.
Seeing RIP Slyme on the radio playlist and then having to listen to it :D
Another channel was just Bebel Gilberto's album All In One.
Re-reading the hand book and noticing there is a "menstrual leave" clause for female CIRs. Really? Yes.
ALL national holidays are paid leave :)
My "hourly wage" is calculated by ¥3600000 divided by 1820. You do the math.
Realized that I'm actually allowed do this job for up to 5 years...... Holy sh*t...
Ah, the Great Circle route. SF-Tokyo takes us almost to Alaska, far north of both Oregon and Aomori-Ken
A dude tried to use the seatback pocket to hold his paper cup of coffee. Good thing he was reading a newspaper otherwise his pants would have been soaked.
Awwww there's an animal planet show about the Humboldt penguins at the Oregon Zoo. Can you say nostalgia?
As far as airplane snacks go, rice crackers > peanuts hands down.
The travel guide says that MiniDisc players are popular souvenirs from Japan. Wow, was the guide written like 10 years ago?
Frst time on a plane when I'm over 21. I'll be damned if I'm not having a drink. Authentic Asahi スーパードライ= うまい だよ

Goldfish crackers? I eat Mola Molas and Tuna

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