Monday, December 21, 2009

IRON CHEF: Instant Ramen

1. Watch the movie Tampopo.. Seriously, you will love it.
2. Throw away that disgusting flavor packet. Use Miso, or if you can find dashi powder (should say hon-dashi or ほんだし、本だし) I think they actually might have it at rosauers, mix soy sauce and hon-dashi in your ramen to taste.. you only need a LITTLE of both.
there are other kinds, like Shio ramen (salt flavor) that is just dashi powder.. be sure and read the outside so you don't put WAYYY too much dashi in your broth
3. TOPPINGS! This is what really separates restaurant ramen from what most poor college students make. Chaa-Shuu ramen is really popular here, the closest thing you can find is the BBQ pork slices, safeway's are nice and fatty, and they usually cut them nice and thick. Green onions, frozen corn (best when microwaved a little first to defrost them, with butter and garlic for deluxe), a beaten egg (put it in while the pot is still on the stove if you dont like raw egg), canned bamboo shoots, kamaboko (the closest english description is fish cake.. basically Hot Dog-like texture but made from ground up, pressed fish.. they have it in the freezer at sunrise) get some of that chinese Hot Chili Oil, put a little splash in your ramen.

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