Sunday, January 3, 2010


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I haven't updated in two weeks! Things are going well here, I ate a delicious cake for Christmas, and appreciated the presents I got. Over winter break I mostly relaxed at home, watching movies/TV (20th Century Boys, Venture Brothers, Dollhouse, Gurren Lagann), and reading books (The Attention Revolution and Nagarjuna's Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way). On New Year's Eve my supervisor took me to her aunt's house where I ate some amazing food, got drunk on gold-flake sake, and harassed her children relatives (Souta, who is 7 and in one of my classes, is very wild outside of the classroom. I think he liked that I had so much energy too). I also introduced the children to the American tradition of fireworks on New Year's eve, but for some reason none of the bottle rockets actually shot into the sky, they all just exploded right on the ground. Maybe the wind was too strong?
The next morning I nursed my hangover while watching a live stream of Times Square.. So glad that whoever was running the music had some class, John Lennon's "Imagine" was the last song playing before the ball dropped. Sad that more people haven't taken the song to heart.
The next morning I watched the Ducks try their hardest against OSU. Here's to another amazing season for U of O. It's strange but i found that becoming an Alumni made me an even bigger Ducks fan. Maybe hot having football tickets readily available is a part of it ahah!

Happy New Year to everyone out there, may you find whatever you're looking for!

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