Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year

Well, it's finally settling in that I will be here for 20 more months. Wow, this will be the longest I have ever spent at a single job, no pesky school and moving to get in my way. I am looking forward to it, I head that the longer you stay here, the more rewarding the job gets! Not to say that I don't like it now, it's a lot of fun, but I still sometimes feel a little lost; for example if things go wrong usually I am good at improvising a fix but I don't really know what to do. The other day I tried to show the Sesame Street DVD but their player didn't like my disc, and I hadn't brought any materials as backup, so I panicked for a little bit before I finally came up with something.
My teacher-neighbors are back, so I have people to hang out with again! Still struggling to meet the locals though. My co-worker tells me that the adults my age just hang out at each other's houses and don't go out to spend money. Totally different mindset from the US, people are out emptying their wallets in order to have a good time, and then wondering why they have no money left for rent or food. In the US, we even have something called a "Credit card",where people can spend money they don't even have yet!
In other news, I have put my earrings back in! The preschoolers are fascinated by them, I don't know if they have ever seen a guy wearing earrings around here. I am being careful to only wear the solid ones, no tunnels/eyelets.. I want to make it less obvious that my ears are stretched. Hopefully no one at the office complains!

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