Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Start every verse with something to quote"

"Those who try to repair what's natural in themselves by conforming to society are simply learning about the customs of others in an attempt to reconnect with what was already in themselves to begin with."
"Correct oneself and that's all. The happiness of being whole is called achieving one's own will.
In the past, what they meant when they referred to those who had achieved their own will wasn't referring to those who had chariots and wore crowns, but to those who had no use for such benefits, but were happy nonetheless."
Zhuangzi Chapter 17
Sorry everyone, I have been neglecting my blog.
What's new in my world? This week, along with all the other English teachers, I have been teaching an English crash course for a group of Middle Schoolers headed to Hood River. This class is outside regular work hours, so I've been having 11 hour work days lately. It's definitely a lot of fun though, the kids have lots of energy but are old enough to apply that energy as enthusiasm towards learning. Sometimes I feel a little drained, but it's nice to be doing work that directly relates to International Relations. The temperatures have finally risen above freezing, I can see the asphalt in all the streets now!

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