Thursday, March 25, 2010

Waiting for the Spring

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It's March, and still snow is falling. The weather has been getting a little milder, no harsh winds and blizzards, and the temperature is usually over freezing during the day. I've also managed to get out and around the ken, down to Hirosaki once for a cool "Raibu" (the garaigo term for a concert). I found an awesome car, owning a Subaru makes me feel like an Oregonian, although this particular car was never made in America :D
AWD and Twin Turbo makes for a very nice ride. I already managed to get it stuck in the snow, trying to drive down an orchard road for a "shortcut" to another road. Hilariously enough there was no snow on any of the asphalt roads that day, so I could have saved time by driving the long way to where I was going. Instead, me and my "Driving Instructor" had to walk maybe a half mile through the snow and down some train tracks, and then call a taxi to take us back to his house, where we grabbed shovels, gloves, and our winter gear. When we got back to my car, we had to dig for maybe a half hour, the snow was deep enough that it lifted the body of my car off the ground, no contact with the wheels.
I also had the fun experience of my mac breaking down, but now I have a shiny new MacBook with a Japanese keyboard, and I can finally play Counterstrike again. I even went so far as to install the Starcraft II Beta (I have waited SO LONG for this!)
Overall it's been a good winter, not TOO bonechilling cold (but there were times where I wore my down jacket inside!).
I am patiently waiting for the sun.

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