Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Heat

Oh man it's been hot lately. Temperatures are in the 20's (celsius) and humidity is high, sometimes 95%! Not very helpful when all your laundry has to hang dry. I figured out how to get to the beach (still not quite 100% sure I can drive by myself and get there), and I've been snorkeling LOTS. By that I mean saturday and sunday last weekend, the weekend before that, and Wednesday this week. The highlight of my experiences was finding an abalone which I immediately grilled (delicious!) and then another day finding a working fishing pole at the bottom of the ocean! The Japan Sea is nice, it seems saltier than the other places I've swam but it's fairly warm, somewhere between the Columbia and the Pacific Ocean, so you can just keep swimming all day.
The one thing I do miss is being able to swim in fresh water. All the rivers / lakes (really irrigation reservoirs) are too dirty to go in, I would LOVE to be relaxing at Lost Lake.
Most of the English teachers around here are making their preparations to leave, but I'm still here for another year. I'm sad to see everyone leave, I didn't get to become as close of friends as I could have, but I'm excited for the new batch coming in a few weeks.
Always looking forward to change!
--Alex out