Sunday, October 17, 2010

"bread so big you can't forget - Tsuruta!"

Long break of no posting again! I don't know what came over me. A LOT has happened since July, so let me try to summarize the major points

  • My buddy Josh coming out during Nebuta Festival season, so I took some time off work and we drove all around the countryside. 
    • He brought out two skateboards! One was my beloved Sector 9 supercruiser, the other was a Zip Zagger.. that little beast is fun!
  • Around the same time: Said goodbye to many JETs with whom I had made many great memories. 
    • Hello to the newbies!
    • Met more awesome people from the NW!
  • The weather finally cooled down enough for me to start jogging!
  • Getting a group together to buy season passes.. SO EXCITED FOR THE WINTER!
  • Crazy Aomori scavenger hunt.. and camping event
  • A Hip Hop club opened up in the town next to me.. unfortunately its only open for special events but I want to push the owner to get a freestyle open mic event going on... 
    • P.S. the title of this entry comes from a cypher that me and some Japanese guys had going on outside in the street.. this was what some homie said about my town!
  • I volunteered to DJ for a halloween party and got caught up in Everest of Apples,  a charity group in Aomori. Looking forward to working with you guys and accomplishing many things! Their non-FB website is here but the information is a little outdated, that will be my next task for these guys!
    • Also: Finally picked up a USB/Audio breakout dongle, and it makes DJing with my VCI-100 absolutely a blast!
  • I went to an awesome International Foods Festival in Ajigasawa, and ate a few things I had never tried before
What's coming up for me
  • Tsuruta's Bunkasai - Culture festival. 
  • Halloween party for EofA!
    • oh no that means I need a costume.. I always struggle with this part. 
  • Hopefully lots more trips into Hirosaki
  • Another event coming up at the cluuub
  • Possible trip to Maui??