Monday, November 29, 2010

Roll with the changes

Life is slowing down in Tsuruta, first decent snowfall of Winter. Looks like it might be gone in a few days but its nice to have a little practice with my scoobie, its a much more solid drive than the Ford Explorer I used to drive in Oregon. Took a little excursion last night, went and bought dinner from MOS Burger; then drove out on an orchard access road, first time driving on snow-over-gravel, but wasn't worried at any time. Then took the B4 on some donuts in the parking lot; now I understand what my friend was saying about how they are a good way to learn snow driving, you really get a feel for what your car can and can't handle in terms of lateral G's, torque, and so on.  Upgraded the car stereo so now it can control my iPod, great purchase although with all the extras needed it ended up being more expensive than I thought. Time to take the camera out tonight and get some good snow photography if it doesnt start raining like the forecast.
I'm gonna be here for another year! Definitely excited, hoping I can get all the Oregon Ducks in Japan together for some Neputa festival-ing in August (that's how much I love it, already making plans!). It didn't take me much thought to sign the contract, I have family and friends I love in the USA but most of my closest friends are all scattered out, and the job situation still doesn't look great, so the plan is lay low in Aomori, pay off my loans and snowboard all winter long.

I have been DJing lately, really getting into it; building sets in my free time etc.. Coming across some good Japanese music, dancehall-ish reggae, electronica, jazz. DJed at the halloween party, was fun but was screwed over by Japanese DJs.
Bunkasai was good too, made slow-cooked chili verde pork and applesauce on the side, all with donated apples! The Japanese locals didn't know what to think of it, but said "delicious".


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