Monday, December 20, 2010

Ambitions of a Rider / White Powder and Lines

First off...
Finally the ski resort is open!!!!! 

The bonenkai was ridiculous, lots of drinking and a few things happened that are unspeakable (of course this is to be expected)! Decent food, my first time onsen-ing at 2 AM with a drink in my hand, then one in the morning to wake up.

This last weekend I ate way too much, 2 christmas parties and snowboarding on sunday. So much delicious western food, and I got a bag of chips at the white elephant party saturday night. I also brought some home-brewed kombucha, it sat around ignored for a few hours until someone noticed me drinking from the container, and asked what it was... soon after I was passing out samples, explaining how to make it. I think I might be starting a trend here, getcha brew on!

Went to the Tsuruta High School's English Day event, made chicken and eggnogg with the kids.. Man they have no idea how to cook, one student had just finished rubbing the bird down with this butter/herb mixture, then tried to wash his hands with really cold water, he freaked out "why are my hands all white?????" Even one of the teachers in charge didn't know how to cook the recipes even though we did the same ones last year.. The gravy never turned smooth, and afterwards I remembered why - When it says "add 4 cups of chicken broth" she read it as "add 4 cups worth of chicken broth CUBES", so it was only oil and flour, no wonder none of the kids wanted to try it! I did see the students at my table putting the Japanese-style gravy on their cake, I must have been at the weird kid's table.

Getting ready to DJ for New Year's Eve, got my playlist built but still need to assign cue points, give me a few hours and it'll all be good.
Thinking I need to take a "mental health day" in 10, bounce to the slopes and lay down some carves... heads I go, tails I go....

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