Monday, December 27, 2010

Last () of the year.

Christmas finally came, as did the snow! I spent a nice night at Naqua Shirakami's hotel for free, definitely made getting the season pass worth it. Speaking of the season pass, I have been up riding 3 times already and am loving the conditions here. Naqua is a little bit of a bunny mountain but still some good powpow up there.  I'm diggin the gondola, nice long ride down, hopefully the park will be dope too. Getting ready for my DJ set on Friday, gotta clean house for people who are going to crash @ the pad.
Awesome Christmas presents! Leila portable hookah, Timeless DVD Set (1 of 4000 but Missing the Verocai DVD MOM) RIP 2 J Dilla, always was waiting to see this, had the EP for a while. iPod for all my music in the car, sweet! finally gives me a reason to properly tag all my music, and then wait for it all to copy over. Awesome cookies and caramel corn from my grandma, along with some Kona Coffee, love you Amy! Looking forward to a new year filled with spring riding, more DJing, and tons of fun

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