Tuesday, January 11, 2011

as the world turns

A new year dawns, finally back to my birth animal, the Rabbit. Had a fantastic winter break filled with snowboarding and friends, relaxed a lot. Nothing but fluffy snow so far, none of that cascade concrete that I don't particularly miss. The black diamond twin chair is sweet, there's an epic tree run there with some perfect little gaps, nice tree jibs.
Aside from snowboarding I am doing more DJing, played to a packed house at Gold Rush on New Year's Eve, was really funny, this one Japanese guy wanted me to play Radiohead and Yesterday's New Quintet, blew my mind that he's into Madlib. Next up is Club O Pod in Hirosaki, my buddy does promo there. Looks like it will be another hip hop mix, he told me "My DJ choice is dubstep.. but when I play dubstep, there are no customers :( " So I might have to throw in a little more mainstream-ish dubstep in my mix for him, some Rusko or Skream.  I think I'll probably do my deadmau5/pitbull-->deadmau5/perfume mashup, might be the right place for it. Trying to increase my library of Japanese music, the crowd always seems to blow up when I play 卍LINE (Manji-line), I have got a few other artists that I find amazing but wouldn't be able to spin; Ego Wrappin' is an awesome modern Jazz/pop group that is fairly unknown. All in all things are still going great over here, really cold but keeping warm.
Zen1 out, keep ridin, keep it real, rough rugged and raw like Com' Sense

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