Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrity (in Japan) Jeopardy

Did Jeopardy and managed to stump my adult students!
Questions the other english teachers knew but the adults didn't that surprised me

  • This novel, TV series, and movie was based on a series of posts on the message board 2channel
  • This dam-builder is the state animal of Oregon
  • (hint was beatles people for $1000, taken from the most recent Jeopardy episode with that computer) "SO I SING A SONG OF LOVE" THIS WOMAN, ALSO THE NAME OF JOHN'S MOTHER (most surprising thing about this was how soon it got answered despite being the "hardest" beatles question)
  • This is the only non-American movie to ever win an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
  • This Ghibli movie was based on a fantasy book written by an author from Portland, Oregon
Questions no one knew (am I too nerdy????)
  • This Tokyo suburb is the setting for two movies, one of which has the english title Whisper of the Heart
  • This famous onsen featured in a 1906 novel about a young teacher who moves to the countryside
Can you answer any of these?

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  1. Who else makes dams? Beavers, uh....Spirited Away?... uh... I should know the Beatles song.... YOU should go on the show!!.. Oh, Julia