Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm lost

Partway upon the journey of our life
  I found myself within a forest blue,
  For the straightforward pathway had been lost.

I find myself at a crossroads here. As I get more into DJing and wanting to do events, I am realizing that to progress, I need to know all my music like the back of my hand; at the same time I have picked up my saxophone recently and am noticing how much I have slid backwards in these many months that I haven't practiced. 

My first dilemma is within DJing. Without a doubt my heart is in Hip Hop, but I have a real love for underground Hip Hop, and I don't think that will lead me anywhere in Aomori; I have also fallen in love with drum and bass and dubstep, and there isn't much room for crossover between the two. 
Sax is troubling me, because I absolutely enjoy playing even though I feel I'm a poor player now. Unfortunately I feel that I need the framework of a group in order to progress, and I don't know where to start looking for potential members. Playing solo is alright for practice, but I crave group synthesis. 

Basically I only have so much time, but too many interests. Maybe once snowboard season ends I will have more hours in the week to dedicate to music.

Hm whoops, as I am writing this my friend Yusuke texted me and said he'd be down to play sometimes. Let's see where that goes.....

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