Monday, June 6, 2011

"Advice for my successor"

Stolen / excerpted from Just Another Day In Japan

  • Don't be afraid to admit your mistakes and make the necessary corrections. Who do you respect more - someone who thinks they're always right, or someone who is humble enough to admit when they're wrong? Very true. 
  • Study Japanese. Not only does being able to read and communicate make life easier, but it's also a confidence boost. And it will help you with your job. 
  • Even if your Japanese isn't that great, don't be afraid to go into interesting-looking restaurants. If you hesitate, you may finally go in months or years later and realize you've been missing out all that time. There are a few restaurants in Tsuruta that I still haven't been to. I also found a lot of cool places in Hirosaki or Aomori
  • Explore. Even small little nothing streets sometimes hide cool shops or restaurants
  • Try new foods. Except shirako (白子). Don't try that one. 100% agreement
  • There's a whole bunch of bulky stuff in the closets that I've never used before, and most likely neither will you. But since it's such a pain to dispose of, it's become a game of hot potato, and the loser will be the ALT who's living here when the school decides to find a new place for its ALTs to live (or stops hiring or housing ALTs).
  • There are some pretty cool JETs, but don't get caught in a clique. You're in Japan, so hang out with some Japanese, too! I definitely feel like I've seen this. Groups of JETs who don't hang out with other JETs, or with Japanese people. 
  • If you go to the Indian place in town or the one near the station often enough, they will give you free stuff on occasion. No matter how often you go to the ramen shop down the street, they'll never give you anything on the house.
  • That food isn't what you think it is.

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