Monday, July 23, 2012

The End of an Era

Well.. Here I am, my last day at work in little Tsuruta, Japan. So far I've cleaned out my desk, organized the files sitting ON my desk, copied a few DVDs for the Town Office, and emptied out my locker downstairs. It's another sweaty day in Japan, no sun in sight and a smattering of rain all day, just enough to get me wet but not enough to pull the humidity out of the air, real Asian monsoon weather 94% humidity. Good thing I wasn't planning on riding my bike anywhere. I've had overall a great time in Japan, Living here was definitely better than Working here. Thanks to everyone I met, who helped me out, who hung out with me, this was an amazing 2 years and 8 months. I wish I could say something more sagely but I haven't written for a while, so my vocabulary is starting to slip (a good reason to read the hell out of my Nook, I already finished 2 Joe Haldeman SF novels, now I'm inching through David Cross's  I Drink For a Reason, trying to decide whether to read Starship Titanic or something else next. Man it feels great to feed my SF jones, I COULD also RE-READ ALL THE HEINLEIN, but I might have to pass.
Starting this evening: FREEDOM!  (starting soon: BEACH MONTH!!!)

Next up: Back to Oregon in a month.

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